Unite the world's exchanges!

IEX is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows anyone to easily operate his or her own cryptocurrency exchange.
IEX offers a one-stop solution that enables you to trade anywhere in the world, and provides services such as independent websites, management admin, and server construction

International cryptocurrency exchange platform

IEX allows anyone to operate his or her own cryptocurrency exchange anywhere in the world within less than 72 hours.

IEX provides support in relation to offering complete security, server operation, and knowhow in risk management, thereby allowing its member companies to focus solely on managing their memberships and money transfers.
The IEX platform is a dividend exchange platform that daily allocates worldwide IEX platform revenues to its customers, depending on the quantity of the IEX coins(IEXCO) that each member owns and their contributions

Unique Characteristics of the IEX Exchange!

The IEX Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform allows you to operate your own exchange anywhere in the world.

To Support
  • Email
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts


We build your own Cryptocurrency Exchange rapidly.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange platform
    1. Enter member company information
    2. World’s first cryptocurrency exchange platform
    3. Global language support
    4. Anyone can launch an exchange
    5. Major member companies : Coin developers / Trading teams / Global marketing companies, etc
  • Launch within less than 72 hours
    1. Domain
    2. Bank account for transaction
    3. SSL & OTP Authentication
    4. Customer support line or social network
  • Complete set of support
    1. Know-how on exchange operation
    2. Ensure complete security through cold wallet, etc.
    3. Integrated risk management
    4. Complete balance payment between member companies
    5. Server construction between member companies, management of security traffic, no need for direct operation
  • Independent pages for administrators
    1. Member management
    2. Money transfer management
    3. Daily balance payment system for member companies
    4. Daily balance payment of commission fees

Compensated Encryption Exchange based on transaction contribution.

50% of the commission is compensated according to the contribution of the exchange.


The IEX Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform allows you to operate your own exchange anywhere in the world.

Classification Existing Exchanges IEX Exchange platform
Period More than 3 months 72 hours
Operators Required Non required
Technical Team Required Non required
Customer Support Team Required Required
Exchange Members Concerned country only Global members
ID Membership required for each exchange Combined ID





of customer transaction amount and 100% of transaction fees received for purchases are paid with IEX coins (IEXCO)!

Payment time : Next day

Between 00:00-24:00 based on UTC / Server time

The market price of paid IEX Coin(IEXCO) shall be calculated based on the average value measured through 24-hour snapshots.

Payments will be made in units of 1 IEX Coin(IEXCO).


50% of the total transactions fees (sale/purchase) generated by global members who use IEX platform will be reimbursed to those who possess IEX Coin(IEXCO) in the form of dividends.

Dividends will be calculated and paid on a daily basis (payment in cash or TUSD coins)

Dividends will be paid the next day based on the total volume of transactions made on IEX exchange of each full day(00:00-24:00 based on UTC/server time)

Dividends will be paid the next day.

You must have at least 100 IEX Coin(IEXCO) in possession for 24 hours in order to receive dividends.

You must make at least one transaction each day.

On an hourly basis, the quantity of IEX Coin(IEXCO) being held for sale at the time of the asset snapshot will be excluded when calculating dividends.

50% of the transaction fees collected on IEX exchange will be used for the operation of IEX global platform and member companies.

IEX Dividends
Percentage Share of Dividends
Total transaction fees of customers (purchase) x2 / Total transaction fees on the exchange (sale/purchase)
Percentage share of dividends x Total transaction fees on the exchange 50% (sale/purchase)

Example: If the total transaction fees (sale / purchase) amount to 10 billion won and the transaction fees paid by you (purchase) X2 are 100 million won, your percentage share will be 1% Dividends = Percentage share of dividends 1% X total transaction fees 50% (sale / purchase) 10 billion won = 100 million won


Platform Coin : IEX Coin(IEXCO)

IEX coin holders can enjoy a variety of benefits on the exchange.

Sharing of community values
IEX exchange users receive 100% of the transaction fees refunded in IEX Coin(IEXCO).
Dividends of transaction fee revenue
IEX Coin(IEXCO) holders can benefit from daily payments in the form of dividends for part of the revenue generated on the exchange
Transparent management
IEX Coin(IEXCO) holders can exercise their voting rights for listing and participate in discussions for important business decisions of the company.
A team of experts
IEX Team consists of experts in computer engineering, finance, researches and marketing.
A smooth trading system
The operating system of IEX Exchange has been designed for high-quality digital asset trading.
Customer support
Our customer support rapidly handles bank transfers, user complaints, and inconveniences and provides multilingual services for global targets.
Security and stability
Our system protects customer assets through a security system against attacks such as DDos and XSS, cold storage, and 24-hour monitoring of bank transfers